Which Are Most Popular Dresses In Fancy Dress Costume Stores?

image1In these days, witch and magician dresses are in demand in the fancy dress costume shops. Sometimes people choose a costume which makes him a source of ridicule in a party or social gatherings. While choosing a costume one should consider some facts. First of all, he should consider the reason the celebration. Then he should understand which type of dresses suit him the best. Next, he should buy the costumes from a reliable shop. Those days are gone when only princess dresses were in demand. Now witch costumes are giving tough competition to the princess costume. The theme magic is also assuming great importance.

Unlike princess costumes, witch or magic costumes hugely depend upon the accessories. A witch dress goes well with a devilish hat. Black and white dresses can be used with tattered hem, fence net, fishnet stocking etc. Makeup plays the vital role in witch and magic theme. One should take heavy makeup to get an exact devil or magician like a look. But it should be kept in the mind that makeup should be put on properly to suit the dress one is going to wear. While one is wearing a witch dress, she can never take makeup like a decent girl. Her look should be bold, attractive and shrewd. Harry Potter has greatly popularized the magic theme in the field of fancy dress fashion. A magician dress, a wand and proper make up make one a perfect magician.

Karnival Costumes is an experienced online fancy dress store which offers cool and stylish fancy dresses in reasonable ranges.


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