Halloween Costume Stores Turn Into Fancy Dress Stores

Halloween costume shops have gained popularity many years ago. Now apart from Halloween many other events are celebrated. Dresses for each of these events are available at shops. These occasions include Christmas, carnivals, Easter. Now costume parties are held to celebrate movie release, music album release so on. Even people buy unique dresses to support their country during world cup tournaments. Many people arrange costume parties to celebrate birthday, anniversary, reunion, weekly gatherings etc.

Due to the increasing popularity of this type of parties, people are buying dresses throughout the year. Some of the most popular fancy costumes are listed below:

The retro style

Fashion trend of earlier periods such as 70s and 80s have be3en called retro style. This style is one of popular themes of costume parties. The divas of 70s and 80s are still style icon for many people belonging to the young generation. Hippie and bohemian trend were very popular during 70s. These are still very popular. During the 80s, mainstream fashion mainly rule the hearts of the fashion monger people.


Most of the people are fascinated and curious about famous historical figures. These figures include king, queen, members of royal family, warriors, great leaders, and revolutionary people. The Victorian and Edwardian era is very popular themes of this type of parties.  Many people want to portray some fascinating figure form these periods.

Contemporary fashion

Contemporary fashion includes beach costumes, trends of present style icons such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and many other celebrities.

Karnival House is a well-known online fancy dress costume shop in UK, which offers a wide collection of attractive fancy costumes at reasonable price. For more information reach at: info@karnival-house.co.uk


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