Halloween Costume Store Offers Corpse Bride Dress for Ladies

Corpse Bride Halloween CostumeHalloween costumes store is introducing latest and unique collection of fancy dress for specific parties. Nowadays a trend of picking ideas from Hollywood movies is gaining prominence. A horror movie by Tim Burton, released in 2005 was greatly successful. The movie was named “Corpse Bride”. From this movie, a theme for Halloween ladies costume was originated named after corpse bride. Now this theme is quite popular.

In the movie, the role of the main protagonists Victor and Victoria are portrayed by Johnny Depp and Emily Watson. A marriage between Victor and Victoria has been arranged by their families. Though it is an arranged marriage, they like each other. Victor is feeling a bit nervous regarding the wedding ceremony. He goes to a forest to make his mind prepared for the upcoming big event of his life. In the forest, he finds a tree branch becoming a hand which haunts him to a land of the dead where he sees the traces of Emily who was killed after eloping with her lover and wants to get married to Victor. Here starts Victor’s journey to prevent Victoria’s marriage with an evil character Barkis Bittern played by Richard E. Grant. This is the story. Here the corpse bride is portrayed not in a horrible way.

The same concept is followed in the designing of corpse bride Halloween costume as well. It contains a full length white strapless wedding dress having an insect lilac net top along with a long light lilac net sleeve to one arm. The other sleeve is made printed like a corpse’s skeleton. It also has a scooped neckline with more lilac fabric trims. The dress hemline is full and jagged all around. A long rip can be found to the front of the dresses running to around knee height. It exhibits some multilayered fabrics. A printed standup head piece makes the dress complete.

Karnival House is a well reputed online fancy costume shop in UK which offers attractive ladies Halloween costumes including corpse bride at affordable ranges. For any query or information, contact: info@karnival-house.co.uk


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