Buy Halloween Fading Eye Costume at Best Fancy Dress Store in UK

Halloween fancy costumes stores introduce a collection that offers unusual and unique Halloween costume for this year. The collection is named “Fading eyes costumes”. The most remarkable feature of this collection is that each dress of this collection is completed with a unique mask. Let’s have a look at some costumes of this collection including evil eye skull costume with the fading eye, gauze zombie adult Halloween costume with a fading eye, winged reaper deluxe adult Halloween costume etc.

Evil Eye Skull Costume with Fading Eye:

This horrible costume is comprised of a full length sleeved hooded black robe featuring a rounded neckline and a shredded gray gauze cowl with jagged and ripped floating elements. It also has flared sleeve cuffs which have ripped and distressed gray gauze on the entire dress. It has a waist-belt. You should not afford to miss wearing a suitable mask with this dress.

Gauze Zombie Adult Halloween Costume with Fading Eye:

This adult Halloween costume for men is comprised of a full length long sleeved hooded black robe having a rounded neckline and flared sleeve cuffs. It also includes an under robe featuring a straight hemline and cuffs. These robes are completed with a belt tie. The gauze robe is completed with a multi-coloured jagged cut and shredded gauze over robe. Like other costumes of this collection, this dress also needs a matching mask with it.

Winged Reaper Deluxe Halloween Costume:

This popular Halloween costume is comprised of a full length long sleeved robe featuring a skeleton panel on the chest. It also includes a belt which has an antiqued bronze coloured finishing at the front side. You can take a battery operated red light-up eyes to get a scary and menacing look.

Well, are you already eager to check out all the costumes of this collection? Being one of the popular collections in 2016, this is available at all the Halloween fancy dress costume shops in the UK. Karnival House is a renowned fancy dress shop in the UK which is offering attractive collections for this Halloween. You can ask for further relevant information at


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