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Online fancy dress costume shop – get Easter costumes for your children

Whether you celebrate Easter with eggs or chocolate, fancy dress costumes are a must have for celebrating a week long Easter. On the event of Easter, all of us take part in fancy dress parties to enjoy the occasion with unique and innovative things. For children, this is the most special occasion where they get a chance to show their creative style. Some parties are held based on a specific theme where children need to dress up in a particular color or according to their favorite superhero characters. In one way or either, this is a big platform for parents as well to show their creativity.

But, here, the question is how to get unique fancy dress at affordable prices? Simple, just check out online stores and you will get innumerable variety of fancy dress at reasonable prices. Besides this, you will also get an option to choose a preferable category to get more filtered results in less time. But what about finding the right dress for a party? How can make your presence unique and attention-grabbing in the midst of your friends and loved ones? Well, choosing a unique fancy dress is a daunting task where online fancy dress costume store in UK offers a lot of option to the customers.

online fancy dress costume store in UKonline fancy dress costume store in UKonline fancy dress costume store in UKonline fancy dress costume store in UK

So, here in this blog, you will come to know about few factors that you must keep in mind while buying a party wear from online fancy dress costume shop. Let’s check out the factors below –

  • Dress Code for the Occasion

The theme of the occasion is the most important factor to consider while buying a party wear outfit from an online fancy dress costume shop in UK. The theme of the occasion determines the formality of an outfit. Along with dress code, there are some other factors like color, length and fabric also play an important role for buying a fancy dress.

  • Skin Tone and Dress Color

You must consider the dress color and skin while buying a costume for party. People having warm skin tone look fabulous in colors like red, yellow, brown etc. On the other hand, cool toned complexions look great in green, purple and blue. Though, in online stores, you will get thousands of sheds to choose, the selection of a right color of dress is greatly related to the skin tone.

  • Body Shape

While you choose a party wear outfit from an online fancy dress costume shop in UK, you must consider your body shape. The basic body shape of people mostly belongs to five main categories namely, inverted triangle, rectangle, pear, apple and hourglass. These are the types of body shape and now you need to find out to which category you belong.

  • Cost and Versatility

Cost and versatility are the two most important factors to consider while buying a fancy dress. To define this factor in simple terms, let’s cite an example here – if you buy a black color fancy dress, you can wear it in different occasions and this represents its versatility. However, it may cost a bit higher than other dresses for its unmatched versatility. So, if you have a limited budget, go for neutral color costumes that won’t cost much but fulfill your requirements.

Therefore, these are the factors that you must consider while buying a dress from an online fancy dress costume store in UK. By choosing the right dress and color, you can help your child winning the fancy dress crown.


The Best Halloween Shopping Advice for You

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” — Rachel Zoe.

Halloween costumes available in the market are many, but prior to choosing a style, you need to comprehend whether it is being able to convey your desires.

Don’t freak out if you still haven’t bought a Halloween costume for the eve. It is not yet too late to shop for Halloween as an Online Halloween Party Shop brings it all for you under the same roof.  While you go out and look for dresses by checking the collection available in stores, online shops bring it all for you right at your doorstep.

There is no doubt that the prime requisite is to look different from others and make the Halloween successful by making others remain dumbstruck. But all you need to accomplish your dreams is to bring the best costume for the party and make it amazing. But even when we are blessed with the online store, we don’t always make the right choice and end up with “Oh Crap! What shall I do now?”

Don’t get tensed as following are few recommendations generally given by the experts to acquire the desired look.

online halloween party shop

Follow The Trend:

How about buying something that has not yet shown up in the market? This is undeniably a cool idea to leave your friends with a jaw-dropping expression. Yes, you can definitely do it as the online party shops bring a huge collection of trendy costumes. Hence as per your preferences, you can choose a dress from the trendy costumes and make an amazing Halloween eve.

Give The Finishing Touch:

Dresses are not the first and last thing you require for the Halloween eve, as for a complete look you require getting the appropriate accessories and makeup that goes with it. Going online is said to be the one stop solution for people as it is a hub for dresses, makeup and accessories thereby eliminating the need for visiting other stores. is one such name that stores a huge assortment of the required accessories and dresses for an amazing Halloween eve.

You Can Also Go Simple:

Since it has already been mentioned to go trendy, it is no hard and fast rule. If you are late at shopping, you can also opt for the infamous scream costume, Dracula look and zombies. These three Halloween costumes never tend to disappoint people when makeup is done properly. As the phrase goes, “Old is Gold”, the demand for these dresses can never be snatched no matter what dresses emerge. So don’t panic and place your order today for a fantastic eve.

Last minute shopping is always recommended to avoid by the specialists as it might result in crap. But then again, you can still give it a last thought by opting for a popular online Halloween party shop as here you get everything starting from dresses to accessories to the makeup required for acquiring the perfect look.

The best advice is to dress in a way so that you can have fun. Irrespective of the latest dresses or the long known popular dresses, you just need to choose something that suits you so that you can have fun throughout.

3 Simple Things you can do To Make a Better Halloween Shopping

Being it an adult or a child, the prime requisite for Halloween is to acquire an out of the box look. Even when the collection available in the market is jaw-dropping, you require considering various aspects prior to getting started with shopping. With the emergence of online party shop, it is no longer a daunting task for people to shop a Halloween dress for the eve. But then there are a few considerable aspects that you require checking to enjoy the occasion.

Online stores offering Halloween costumes are a hub of fantastic dresses. Whether you are looking for trendy dresses or the old costumes, nothing like a reputed online store becomes a help for you. Starting from children to adults, you will be able to take a look at the huge collection. But in order to purchase the right costume, you require considering a few aspects and here are some of them.

Don’t Forget To Makeup Properly:

Online is the one stop solution for everything associated with Halloween. Whether it is the dress, makeup or accessories, you can get anything and everything under a single roof. But do we really think about the makeup and accessories when it comes to shopping for the Halloween eve? NO! And this is where we make mistakes, as no matter how realistic your dress looks, the final finish is attained when you makeup properly and use the right accessories.

Don’t wait for the last minute shopping, just go online and purchase everything from the same store.

Don’t Forget To Read The Information Provided:

When you opt for online shopping the biggest advantages you can take from it, is understanding the dress type by the information provided on its side. Rather than hopping from one store to another, a reputed Online Halloween fancy costume shops gives you complete information about the dress. Go through the information provided in the sites to comprehend the fabric, quality and price of the costume.

Don’t Forget To Check The Size:

Needless to mention the necessity for the right size when it comes to dresses. When you are trying to look like a specific character, all you require placing an order of the right size. A loose fitting dress results in messing up the entire look and tight fitting can make your feel uncomfortable throughout. So make sure you go through the sizes available and as per your preferable size, make sure you place an order.

Halloween eve is important and to acquire an appropriate look, you require checking these few valuable aspects to look better. Online shopping sites are undoubtedly the right hub for you to get makeup, accessories, styles, an array of sizes of Halloween and last but not the least, a fancy dress for the eve.  So go online today and place your order today.

Latest Halloween Costume for Men at Online Party Shop

Who says that fashion designers are concerned only for girls?  There is nothing truth in this concept in this modern days. There are many labs of the online party shops where fashion designers are continuously trying to conger up the stylish and unique wear for men. You will be able to find out exactly what you are looking for. Only a few months are left for the upcoming Halloween. You are still confused about what to wear, look at the most popular men costume for this year Halloween.

American Baseball player costume:

This brand new dress is ideal for those guys who are eager to have the appearance of an iconic old time American Baseball plater or warrior’s baseball furies. So what if you do not have the hitting ability of a basketball player, this costume will make you feel like a player. This sports costume comprised of a half-length sleeved top featuring a high rounded neckline and Velcro fastenings at the back of the neck. It includes a top with thin stripes a collar decorated with a wider braid strip around the neck and down to the waist. To the left side of the chest, you would find a large baseball motif.

Bag of bones Skeleton:

This bag of bones costume is comprised of a black long sleeved top featuring a high rounded neckline and jagged cuffs to the sleeves. Both the front and the outside of the arms are printed with a skeleton. The top has a pair of matching black trousers featuring an elasticated waistband. The trousers are also printed with the skeleton just like the body. A white skull-shaped hat with head bent forward will make the costume complete.

Bloody jacket costume:

This costume is perfect for Halloween parties. Basically, this is a white dinner jacket having black lapels and collar. The entire jacket is splattered with blood. This simple looking jacket can be proved to be the best choice for the Halloween eve.

Body bag adult costume:

This is perhaps the weirdest costumes from the latest collection and perfect for the upcoming Halloween. It is comprised of an oversized black body bag featuring a clear front panel completing with a hole for your face to protrude. This is made for the process of breathing. There is a black zipper right down the front of the bag. A rubber body is attached to the costume with a layer of black fabric covering whatever you choose to wear underneath. All of these costumes are available at any online party shop.

You can regard these four costumes only as trailers of a great movie. That means a wide collection of Halloween costumes for men is waiting for you. Check out the latest Halloween collections at Karnival House, an online party shop in the UK. For more details, contact at

Sensation with Horror: Halloween Costumes for Stylish English Belle

Unlike men, women are blessed with thousands of options to wear on the eve of Halloween.  Apart from these, women costumes, in comparison to the men costumes are less expensive. Like every year, Halloween costumes for ladies lead the market in the year 2016. Generally, women always like to look perfect. But Halloween is the single festival when the meaning of perfect is just the reverse. People like to look weird at this festival. If you are a girl and you have not decided your Halloween costume yet, you must read this discussion. Broadly, ladies Halloween costume can be divided into two types: traditional and offbeat. Traditional costumes include fairy tale, sultry tavern costume, mermaid etc. Offbeat costume includes vampire, witch, ghost, zombie costumes etc.  Modern girls prefer offbeat costumes for the Halloween eve. Let’s discover some offbeat but gorgeous Halloween costumes for ladies from the popular collection of this year, 2016.

Bewitched Full Cut Adult Fancy dress costume:

This adult Halloween costume for ladies is perhaps the most popular costume in this year’s collection. It is comprised of a glamorous long sleeved black velvet dress having a cross lacing across the scooped neckline. You will find the sleeves of the costumes trimmed with a silver thread and the cuffs are in a larger size. It has another decorative trim in silver around the hips. It is suitable mainly for the larger women.

Bio hazard zombie nurse adult costume:

This offbeat costume is a simple white nurse dress splattered by blood everywhere. It comprises of a simple short sleeved white uniform having a distressed and jagged cut hemline with the same treatment. The costume is completed with a headpiece having a red green bio hazard motif to the front.

Bitchy Belle fancy dress costume:

This bitchy belle is a gorgeous dress made of black and golden colour. This dress is comprised of a sleeveless ball gown. It features a draped shoulder line.  The body of this costume is of golden fabric and this has been trimmed around the neckline. This outfit is completed with a choker made of the two colours, black and golden.

Black widow Halloween costume:

The character of black widow gives a cold and heartless impression. The dress also reflects this coldness. This stunning costume is comprised of a beautiful black dress having a black velor bodice that has the bust line picked out with red stones. Accessories, you need to use with this dress are a red wig, and a web net headpiece.

Feeling excited at the thought of these costumes? Then you must visit the online Halloween costume shops for ladies as soon as possible as the Halloween is not so far. Karnival House can end your search of a beautiful but unique Halloween dress. For more information, contact:

Werewolf Halloween Fancy Costumes to Scare Your Peers

Werewolf Halloween Fancy Costumes to Scare Your Peers

The theme of Werewolf is dominating the market of online Halloween costume shops in this year. When fashion designers come up with a new theme, one thing is for sure that they conduct a thorough research before working on it. This research also includes history. As Halloween parties are theme-based, whenever you are going to buy a dress for this purpose, you should know the history behind it to know whether it is suitable for the party or not. What is the story behind this werewolf concept anyway? Let’s turn the pages of history to find the answer.

Werewolves, who are also known as lycanthropes, have been regarded as legendary shape and more strikingly shifting humans. According to the mythology, these humans often take the forms of wolves. That is why they are named as werewolves. This mythological tale has sprung up all over the world but different regions have their individual belief and version of this tale. Many Christians often regarded werewolf as witch. They are often accused for sinister activities. Naturally, these imaginative characters gradually started to emerge as ferocious creatures, symbols of horror. There are many instances where some people were suspected as werewolves and executed for this suspicion. In 1573, a French, named Gilles Garnier was executed. Though modern people deny to belief this superstition, it has been granted as a popular theme.

Well, this was the history of background of the theme. Now you decide whether it is apt for Halloween or not. The answer, surely, will be yes. Then let’s find out what the collection is offering you for the upcoming Halloween. The collection includes fancy Werewolf Halloween costumes such as big mad wolf unhappily ever after adult fancy costume, werewolf fancy adult costume etc.

Werewolf is popular especially among the young people. They are crazy for this particular theme. If you have not selected your Halloween costume yet, it is the high time for you to visit the online Halloween fancy costume shops for Werewolf collection. Your search can end at Karnival House, a renowned online Halloween costume retailer. Send your queries at:


Red Hot Devil Halloween Accessories: Girls’ Partner in This Halloween

Red Hot Devil Halloween Accessories: Girls’ Partner in This Halloween

Being beautiful is a dream of every girl. But on the day of Halloween everyone likes to be gorgeous in a weird manner. Everyone rushes to the shops for marketing. Some people prefer online shopping. And in between, most of the girls ignore accessories and keeps it for the last minutes. Have you ever thought of red hot devil Halloween accessories collection? Not yet? Then have a quick glance at this collection.

Bijou boutique gothic nails:

Bijou boutique gothic nails
It is a full set of false nails coloured in deep red. The nails are painted with a black gothic inspired cross. The range is completed with three raised tips towards the base of the nail. This set is completed with a 2g phial of adhesive glue.

Devilish thigh high stockings:        

This set is comprised of a pair of standard Halloween stockings. These stockings have wide elasticated PVC tops and which have an all-over flame print in yellow and gold.

Eyelashes- black with red crystals:

Devilish thigh high stockings
A pair of false eyelashes with crystal decoration can make your Halloween special. A pair of false eyelashes, having staggered length will give you a stunning and gorgeous look.
Fabulous devil wig with horns:

Fabulous devil wig with horns
This beautiful flowing red devil wig gives you an entirely unique look. It makes you stylish and wicked.
Good VS Evil wig:

Good VS Evil wig
This is a very interesting wig which signifies both good and evil side of a human being. One side of this wig is white coloured while another side of the wig is red. The white of course symbolizes the good side while the red symbolizes blood (evil activities). You will find two horns attached to this wig.
Gothwerks Chelesa window peak:

Gothwerks Chelesa window peak
This affordable accessory is a suitable alternative to a full wig. It is comprised of a red and black hairpiece that sits to the front of the head forming a widow’s peak. The headpiece is featured with two thin and long strands.
This is really an awesome collection. It includes tools which increase your beauty and make your appearance attractive. Karnival House is an online store which offers this attractive red hot devil Halloween accessories at reasonable prices. Feel free to contact at: