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Latest Halloween Costume for Men at Online Party Shop

Who says that fashion designers are concerned only for girls?  There is nothing truth in this concept in this modern days. There are many labs of the online party shops where fashion designers are continuously trying to conger up the stylish and unique wear for men. You will be able to find out exactly what you are looking for. Only a few months are left for the upcoming Halloween. You are still confused about what to wear, look at the most popular men costume for this year Halloween.

American Baseball player costume:

This brand new dress is ideal for those guys who are eager to have the appearance of an iconic old time American Baseball plater or warrior’s baseball furies. So what if you do not have the hitting ability of a basketball player, this costume will make you feel like a player. This sports costume comprised of a half-length sleeved top featuring a high rounded neckline and Velcro fastenings at the back of the neck. It includes a top with thin stripes a collar decorated with a wider braid strip around the neck and down to the waist. To the left side of the chest, you would find a large baseball motif.

Bag of bones Skeleton:

This bag of bones costume is comprised of a black long sleeved top featuring a high rounded neckline and jagged cuffs to the sleeves. Both the front and the outside of the arms are printed with a skeleton. The top has a pair of matching black trousers featuring an elasticated waistband. The trousers are also printed with the skeleton just like the body. A white skull-shaped hat with head bent forward will make the costume complete.

Bloody jacket costume:

This costume is perfect for Halloween parties. Basically, this is a white dinner jacket having black lapels and collar. The entire jacket is splattered with blood. This simple looking jacket can be proved to be the best choice for the Halloween eve.

Body bag adult costume:

This is perhaps the weirdest costumes from the latest collection and perfect for the upcoming Halloween. It is comprised of an oversized black body bag featuring a clear front panel completing with a hole for your face to protrude. This is made for the process of breathing. There is a black zipper right down the front of the bag. A rubber body is attached to the costume with a layer of black fabric covering whatever you choose to wear underneath. All of these costumes are available at any online party shop.

You can regard these four costumes only as trailers of a great movie. That means a wide collection of Halloween costumes for men is waiting for you. Check out the latest Halloween collections at Karnival House, an online party shop in the UK. For more details, contact at http://www.karnival-house.co.uk/

Red Hot Devil Halloween Accessories: Girls’ Partner in This Halloween

Red Hot Devil Halloween Accessories: Girls’ Partner in This Halloween

Being beautiful is a dream of every girl. But on the day of Halloween everyone likes to be gorgeous in a weird manner. Everyone rushes to the shops for marketing. Some people prefer online shopping. And in between, most of the girls ignore accessories and keeps it for the last minutes. Have you ever thought of red hot devil Halloween accessories collection? Not yet? Then have a quick glance at this collection.

Bijou boutique gothic nails:

Bijou boutique gothic nails
It is a full set of false nails coloured in deep red. The nails are painted with a black gothic inspired cross. The range is completed with three raised tips towards the base of the nail. This set is completed with a 2g phial of adhesive glue.

Devilish thigh high stockings:        

This set is comprised of a pair of standard Halloween stockings. These stockings have wide elasticated PVC tops and which have an all-over flame print in yellow and gold.

Eyelashes- black with red crystals:

Devilish thigh high stockings
A pair of false eyelashes with crystal decoration can make your Halloween special. A pair of false eyelashes, having staggered length will give you a stunning and gorgeous look.
Fabulous devil wig with horns:

Fabulous devil wig with horns
This beautiful flowing red devil wig gives you an entirely unique look. It makes you stylish and wicked.
Good VS Evil wig:

Good VS Evil wig
This is a very interesting wig which signifies both good and evil side of a human being. One side of this wig is white coloured while another side of the wig is red. The white of course symbolizes the good side while the red symbolizes blood (evil activities). You will find two horns attached to this wig.
Gothwerks Chelesa window peak:

Gothwerks Chelesa window peak
This affordable accessory is a suitable alternative to a full wig. It is comprised of a red and black hairpiece that sits to the front of the head forming a widow’s peak. The headpiece is featured with two thin and long strands.
This is really an awesome collection. It includes tools which increase your beauty and make your appearance attractive. Karnival House is an online store which offers this attractive red hot devil Halloween accessories at reasonable prices. Feel free to contact at: info@karnival-house.co.uk