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Sensation with Horror: Halloween Costumes for Stylish English Belle

Unlike men, women are blessed with thousands of options to wear on the eve of Halloween.  Apart from these, women costumes, in comparison to the men costumes are less expensive. Like every year, Halloween costumes for ladies lead the market in the year 2016. Generally, women always like to look perfect. But Halloween is the single festival when the meaning of perfect is just the reverse. People like to look weird at this festival. If you are a girl and you have not decided your Halloween costume yet, you must read this discussion. Broadly, ladies Halloween costume can be divided into two types: traditional and offbeat. Traditional costumes include fairy tale, sultry tavern costume, mermaid etc. Offbeat costume includes vampire, witch, ghost, zombie costumes etc.  Modern girls prefer offbeat costumes for the Halloween eve. Let’s discover some offbeat but gorgeous Halloween costumes for ladies from the popular collection of this year, 2016.

Bewitched Full Cut Adult Fancy dress costume:

This adult Halloween costume for ladies is perhaps the most popular costume in this year’s collection. It is comprised of a glamorous long sleeved black velvet dress having a cross lacing across the scooped neckline. You will find the sleeves of the costumes trimmed with a silver thread and the cuffs are in a larger size. It has another decorative trim in silver around the hips. It is suitable mainly for the larger women.

Bio hazard zombie nurse adult costume:

This offbeat costume is a simple white nurse dress splattered by blood everywhere. It comprises of a simple short sleeved white uniform having a distressed and jagged cut hemline with the same treatment. The costume is completed with a headpiece having a red green bio hazard motif to the front.

Bitchy Belle fancy dress costume:

This bitchy belle is a gorgeous dress made of black and golden colour. This dress is comprised of a sleeveless ball gown. It features a draped shoulder line.  The body of this costume is of golden fabric and this has been trimmed around the neckline. This outfit is completed with a choker made of the two colours, black and golden.

Black widow Halloween costume:

The character of black widow gives a cold and heartless impression. The dress also reflects this coldness. This stunning costume is comprised of a beautiful black dress having a black velor bodice that has the bust line picked out with red stones. Accessories, you need to use with this dress are a red wig, and a web net headpiece.

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